Shifang city industrial park of Hefeng Nongke Chemical Co,. Ltd, sichuan, China.

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The earliest Nongke people from getting out of the field, they created Nongke integrity, is the foundation of spirit. Even in the moment this colorful era, we insist on the spirit of the original rural people. This spirit collected Nongke system at the core of the spirit, this is the root of Nongke walk, without these we can.

We have the best team, they're Nongke production, logistics, after sales, sales of various links in the play to their skills. Nongke emphasized the power of the team, you can see each link of the employee's sweat, made our products. These elite will be Nongke mainstays of the future, you can have the opportunity to deal with them, to witness their elegant appearance!

Why choose Nongke?


Why choose Nongke, not just because of our heart, not only because we focus on customers. More because we have the core competitive advantage, we in the whole process of production, quality, yield, stability, are better than any other manufacturer. Power to impress clients, to partner with your heart!

The price balance is our sales system considering the key problems. We aim to ensure the balance of the industry chain, this is as the key chain on our long-term survival. But because of our production experience, technology makes us more price advantage!

Ask Nongke four times


We can give you the previous send you samples, the customer can test content. And can you show me related professional testing agency list for your reference. Finally you trust, see the fact that our product quality and our cooperation.
Achievement quality is the enterprise tenet Nongke attentively, in-depth bone marrow. If you want to see, we welcome you to the scene to visit our company, we will let you see with your heart is reflected in our actions above!
Nongke put every can cooperation with our customers as partners, partners of landmark. For 20 years and our cooperation partners, it's not called the customer, is called a partnership. From our cooperation to help each other, to partners and we grow together
Nongke as more than 20 years of potassium nitrate production factory, itself has a long production experience, including the production technology, are the first to use us. It provides us with the above price advantage, furthermore we advocate maintain the stability of the industrial chain, the product is not selling a day for two days, Nongke is an enterprise for a long time, and stability is our survival conditions keep evergreen!

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